who we are

Women in science have long faced patriarchal oppression. From being restricted to uncredited roles and prohibited from seeking formal education or becoming members of the scientific academy, to the more contemporary—though no less insidious—isolation and disregard for the achievements of women. Because of the nature of being a woman in science, many women find themselves driven from the field, whether it be through active persecution or passive oppression. Sexism and misogyny remain a problem, even if their appearance is more subtle than in years past.

WE DEMAND AN END! An end to oppression! An end to misogyny! An end to the patriarchy!

We are A Noether Network (ANN), a feminist science collective, dedicated to Emmy Noether and all the women in science and society who have been forgotten, overlooked, and cast aside. We aim to first and foremost address issues affecting women in science. We strive to highlight the rampant sexism and misogyny in science. We seek to educate those who are unaware of the nature of the oppression facing women. We work to provide resources for women to address and alleviate their oppression. Through our actions, we hope to erase the unjustified fear of the word “feminism.”

While we focus on the plight of women in science, we are nonetheless not exclusively dedicated to science. Because of the inherently intersectional nature of oppression (in particular with regards to axes such as race, class, and gender), we aim not only to focus on feminist action within science, but also within the context of broader society.

That women in science face oppression is undisputable; however, there is a significant range of ideas regarding the best course of action. We wish to draw a distinction between our aims and those of so-called “neoliberal feminism” i.e. initiatives and groups which focus on the advancement of a few “excellent women” along their career paths, at the expense of the advancement of women and oppressed peoples as a whole. We stand in opposition to this liberal individualism and instead seek to better the working and living conditions of all. While there are still people excluded and left behind, we have not succeeded in our goals!

Finally, we emphasize that we are unaffiliated with any political party or other institution, and our group is open to participation from everyone.

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