Linux Intro Workshop for women* and trans people 2./3. December 2016

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Image Source: “the argentinian friend-modified” found footage pinguin by lale

Is your computer and what it does often a kind of riddle to you? Got enough of “Windows” and already thought it would be interesting to try Linux? And actually you don’t always want to ask some male nerd in your surroundings when nothing seems to work anymore? Maybe this workshop would be the thing for you. and A Noether Network invite you to a workshop for women* and trans people, on 2nd and 3rd December 2016. In this workshop we want to learn and experiment with Linux together. Questions we want to address, while also testing and playing around a lot, are:

  • Why Free Software?
  • What does an Operating System do?
  • What is Linux and how does it work?
  • What happens behind my Graphical User Interface?
  • What/how can I influence/manipulate that?

Interested? But not sure?

This workshops is for all those of you, who just want to get to know Linux/their computer more. No previous knowledge is required.

Also people who already have some experience with Linux might learn some thing new in this workshop. We want everyone to feel comfortable. Therefore, just showing off one’s own technical skills isn’t something we support. All workshop participants should respectfully learn with and from each other.

And when and where is it?

The workshop will be hosted by Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory and takes place in their rooms at Wallensteinstrasse 38-40/8 in the 20th disctrict in Vienna. Here you can find it on the Open Street Map.

Workhop hours are:

  • Fr., 2nd December 18 to 20 o’clock
  • Sa., 3rd December 11 to 16 o’clock

The workshop takes two days. It is important that you can participate on both days.

Ok, I want to participate. Registration:

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. To register, write us an e-mail until 19th November 2016 to workshop [ät]

The workshop will be most productive for you if you bring your own notebook (it does not have to have Linux installed and you are also not required to do so throughout the workshop). If you don’t have a notebook, we have one or two Linux-Notebooks in spare.

Please also provide the following information in your registration e-mail:

  • Can you bring your own notebook? Which Operating System do you use on it? (e.g. Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux, …)
  • Do you have any special needs (e.g. child care, barrier-free/accessible rooms, …)

The workshop is limited to 12 participants. We therefore urge you to make reliable registrations until 19th Nov. 2016. Also if you realize, that you will not be able to participate, let us know immediately, so we can provide this place to another person who is on the waiting list.

As working language in the workshop we will use german. But we can provide translation to and from English if needed.

Follow-up workshops

screenshot of nrrrd grls dialogue with zenity with the question: "in the mood for some feminist techno stuff today?"

Image Source: “zenity nrrrd grls screenshot” by jackie

This workshop is part of a workshop series by and A Noether Network. You can also join the following two workshops:

  • Part 2: Shell Programming/Scripting
  • Part 3: How do I set up a (web-)server?

Parts 2 will likely take place in January and part 3 in February 2017. The workshops build on top of each other, but they can be also visited independently.

Notes on our invitation policy

Education and transfer of knowledge about technology is often paired with mechanisms of exclusion, which make access to technology especially hard for women*. We work against attributions and assumptions about who is able to understand technical stuff. Therefore we are also against the dominance of cis men in technical context.

Our goal for this workshop is, to create a room in which especially those feel empowered to learn and play with technology, who are traditionally excluded from this area of expertise. Therefore our workshop is open for women* an trans people only.

We are aware that also women* might act in ways which take away room and agency from other women*. An exclusively female* room therefore also does not solve all the problems we see in this area. Nevertheless it is a well proven method to encourage women* to engage with technology.

In the end it is of course about how we act in the workshop. Therefore we want to use the same Codes of Conduct, which Mz* Baltazar’s Lab set up for their own events: Mz* Baltazar’s Code of Conduct

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